Supervising Attorneys are at the core of the CHEP educational and service missions.   These experienced members of the Colorado volunteer their pro bono time to fulfill three roles:

1) Accept the responsibility of serving as attorney of record on one case matter referred by CHEP;

2) Supervise and mentor two law students assigned to work on each case; and

3) Work collaboratively as an integral member of the health care delivery team that serves the patient/client.

Meet Our Attorneys


Occasionally the help CHEP can offer to clients we accept turns out to be minimal. Yet, Siddhartha Rathod has gone “above and beyond” for a family facing eviction with few alternatives. Working with students, Siddhartha drafted a letter summarizing his clients’ plight, and found churches and religious organizations to help stave off eviction until the family could find work and resume paying their bills. Although the students assigned to this case worked hard, Siddhartha continued his pro bono representation to help this family even after the students completed their course work, making sure this family would not be homeless.

Lisa Green

Despite running her own busy immigration law practice, Lisa Green has served as a consultant and faculty member on every CHEP intake and case involving potential immigration issues. Whether she is called upon to meet potential clients for screening and intake, advise other supervising attorneys or train students on immigration law and procedure, or even deliver the difficult news that CHEP cannot help a client whose immigration status prevents them from obtaining health care, Lisa has been ready and willing to ensure that the services our clients receive are excellent and compassionate.