The Colorado Health Equity Project (CHEP) forms medical-legal partnerships to address low-income patients’ legal needs, which negatively impact their health.  Traditional models of health care delivery and prevention have failed to significantly reduce health disparities.  Medical legal partnerships are health delivery systems that integrate legal and social service assistance as a vial component of patient care in order to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable individuals, children, and families.

A Four-Fold Mission

CHEP provides direct legal assistance, trains health providers to transform delivery systems, and advocates to advance patient level care to system- and policy-level care.


  • To join law school, legal aid. and private sector pro bono attorneys in collaborative with health care providers to represent Colorado’s vulnerable populations and remove legal barriers that impede good health.


  • To provide qualitative and quantitative information to promote the development of public policy that advances health equality.


  • To train health care, legal, and public health professionals in an interdisciplinary, integrated clinical system of learning to address the social determinations of poor health and disparities.


  • To provide social science research and data that supports innovation in developing population-based, health care delivery systems focused on prevention and wellness among Colorado’s under-served populations.