Attorney Rachel Entrican shares her CHEP story in our Fall 2016 Newsletter

CHEP Gets Visitation Rights for Mother

Mother of three children had lost parental rights due to long-term drug addiction. However after successfully completing rehabilitation treatment, CHEP identified family reintegration therapist, enforced an existing court order, and the entire family is currently in therapy and our client now has a realistic possibility of beginning supervised visitation with her children.

Student Attorney: Kelly Edwards. Supervising Attorney: Teresa Locke, Holland & Hart.



CHEP Gives New Start to Family

A family of three, living without hope in deplorable, bedbug and roach infested conditions had been denied or terminated from social security and Medicaid. After obtaining emergency services to move them into a less expensive, clean apartment, and successfully appealing Medicaid and SSDI denials, the family is receiving regular medical care and living in a habitable dwelling. This team received over $1,700 in donations to help with moving and exterminator expenses and helped shopped for groceries and household goods.

Student Attorneys: Amy Ellis and Laura Schneider. Public Health Student: Katie Lohmiller. Supervising Attorney: Diego Hunt, Holland & Hart.


CHEP Wins Asylum Case

An East African refugee fled to Colorado seeking asylum from her home country where her father, a member of the ruling military, arranged a forced marriage and female genital mutilation in accordance with the strict Moslem sect to which the family belonged. When she resisted both, she was beaten, threatened, and disowned by the family. CHEP wrote a brief, arranged and prepared witnesses, and won its case before the immigration court, which granted asylum to this client.

Student Attorney: Kathleen Snow. Supervising Attorneys: Robert Shikiar, UPI and Keeya Jeffrey, Holland & Hart.